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Monday, June 02, 2014

mindful monday

hello monday.

upon arrival back to the states, i received a message that the mindfulness-based stress reduction program with jon kabat-zinn had an opening! i've been on the wait list since october. i knew the day registration opened and called as soon as we had cell coverage after exiting joshua tree national park on tranquility tour. unfortunately, it filled within the first hour of opening.

i called and emailed a few times to check on my placement. i went from 85th to 35th on the wait list and secured my spot today. turnaround time is fast, the 7-day training begins *this* friday!

i'm truly giddy about the opportunity to study with such a pioneer. i haven't been back to omega since my month-long stay during the 300-hour jivamukti training in 2007. so looking forward to the return.

speaking of returns, i crawled into bed at 2am sunday after my journey home from costa rica. the above pics offer a peek into the tranquility. we had the most amazing group. lots of belly laughs, support, encouragement, coconut water, creativity, and yoga.

after speaking with mary catherine this afternoon, we're confirmed for next memorial day week {may 23-30, 2015} and looking forward to more art + asana adventures to come {considering italy, too!}.

yesterday was spent at a daylong mindfulness workshop and felt like the perfect transition back to reality. slow, steady, and breath-focused. especially since today has been a bit of scrambling to accommodate the training and travel in four days plus catch up from last week.

i spent most of my downtime sitting in front of my computer writing with a cuppa tea or green juice within reach. it was a perfect setting for reconnecting with my muse.

as i wrap up the day's administrative efforts to practice and teach at tranquil space tonight, i'm left with a big smile on my face. grateful for a community online {you} and at the studio that allows the opportunity to practice, teach, and live a seeking of tranquility.

vicktor frankl said, "between stimulus and response there is a space. in that space is our power to choose our response. in our response lies our growth and our freedom." may we make room for that space, a tranquil one, this week and beyond. bisous. x

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Maite said...

Very exciting!

Dawn said...

Really like the Vicktor Frankl quote! I need to post it on my desk at work.