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Friday, May 02, 2014

week in review

love capturing pops of spring
photo by carol meyers
 podcast recording secretly snapped
 the start of my filmmaking journey
 kitten jackson caught in the sweetest expression
wisteria captured in our alley

pop-up tomorrow

week in review
hosted 3-day art + yoga retreat
taught 4 classes
hosted women's group
interviewed amanda cook for future podcast
meet-up with fellow writer
interviewed animal rescuer for podcast
tea with long-time yogi
penned memoir writing homework
started second writing course
new TranquiliT postcards to printer
costa rica retreat coordination
strategic planning session
hired webmaster for some edits
meeting with studio director over brekkie
meeting with director of ops, le beau
3-hour documentary class at docs in progress
surprise tea for long-timer moving away
self-care practices
 penned mindful monday
sent follow-up love note to retreatants

weekend wish list
host fun pop-up at tranquil space arlington
brunch with girlfriend
pen may dreams
host inspiring teacher training session
 bake vegan scones

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
 bisous. x

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