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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

tranquilosophy: tranquility du jour tv

shortly before my gramma passed away in early 2012, i stopped hosting regular segments of tranquility du jour tv. feeling low on inspiration coupled with poor timing, bad hair days, or a disordered pink palace/chez moi, the videos came to a screeching halt.

intentions to resurrect them have surfaced since then, yet i've wondered how to make them most meaningful.

for example, when reviewing news stories, if it involves a video, i rarely click it. i want to read the story. yet i know many enjoy consuming material via video and i, too, enjoy a well-done how-to or inspirational piece.

that's where i've been a bit stumped. what will be inspiring, add meaning, and be something that i can share succinctly in a few minutes or less?

on the bus up to nyc for wednesday's writing class, i jotted a few ideas shown in the above pic: clear clutter, capsule dressing, green juice, green smoothie, gardening, using daybook, DIY how-to's, and so forth.

you know, an assortment of tranquility tools that i dabble in, recommend, and also struggle with from time to time. all with guest appearances by our three four-legged furry sons, of course.

here's where you come in. i'd love *your* input. what would you like to see on an every other week basis? what would challenge you to explore beyond your comfort zone? where do you long for deeper direction on living life with daily dollops of tranquility? 

while i pull together an editorial calendar of sorts for the return of tranquility du jour tv, i gratefully await your input. making a return to delivering tranquility in this medium will be a fun adventure to co-create with you.

in the interim, please peruse back issues. try a mini yoga session, browse my bookshelves, and  dabble in art journaling. i look forward to bringing you regular does of tranquility via video in addition to our bi-monthly podcasts.

and, as always, if you have other ideas on how best i can serve this virtual community we've created together, please let me know. bisous. x

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Scribbling Change said...

i so miss your videos. my favorites off the top of my head were the ones regarding your bookshelves, the vintage clothing, and the year end journals/scrapbooks. i would love to see more of your every day lifestyle. would also like videos on activism and how you set up your non-profit. thanks!

Sarah said...

Self care (favorite products, etc), mindfulness in the every day, quick go-to yoga sequences if you just have a few minutes, tools (i.e. apps, etc) that you use on a daily basis to keep track of your life, business tips for folks starting out on their own, blogging 101, podcast 101, monthly favorites of whatever is making you happy, etc. Apparently once I got going, I had a lot to say. :)

Jenni said...

I always love your videos, especially the ones on Art journaling and planning and organizing, I would love to see more of those :)

Melinda Parkhurst said...

I really enjoy the videos and would love to see them come back. Short yoga breaks, guided meditations and DIYs are all great. I also like the sneek peaks into how you get things done (and perhaps how others do to) is always inspirational and sometimes just the thing to get you moving when you're stuck.

Jackie said...

Kimberly, I loved Tranquility du Jour TV, so I'm glad you'll be bringing it back. I am totally like you in the sense that I don't like when Yahoo news articles take me to a video - I just want to scan the article about the waitress who got the $10,000 tip or whatever really quickly! But when it comes to bloggers who I love, such as you, then I can't get enough of videos, because they always fun and creative and about topics I love. :)

My favorite TDJ-TV videos were the ones where you featured the books you loved, because I love books, too.

purplesnowflake said...

Bonjour Kimberly! I love your videos so would very happy to see them back. My favourites are on journaling, inspirational books but I would also love like Sarah see some on everyday mindfulness. I have two prolapse discs and would love to do some yoga poses however even sun salutations are forbidden. I wonder if you would have some movements for people like me as this is quite a common problem. I understand if you think you would rather not.