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Monday, February 10, 2014

mindful monday

today is my pops' 71st birthday. fresh off the phone where we discussed work, cats, birds, exercise, and weather -- our favorite topics. when i asked what he planned to do for his special day, he shared that he was doing taxes and organizing. "organizing what," i asked? "everything," he replied. hmm, happy birthday to him!

my weekend was full, pleasantly so. from hosting tranquil space's first writing lab, to taking in documentary shorts with a friend, to tranquil space foundation efforts, to a vegan pizza double date, to yoga and dance class, a lovely excursion from monday - friday.

this morning i sat down to catch up one of the art e-courses i'm taking, pen glittery valentine postcards, and dig into some of the week's projects. it's been a tranquil start and for that i'm grateful. the pace of my life has slowed sans grad school and travels, and i'm enjoying it's new rhythm.

of course the "do, do, do" monster rears it's ugly head on many occasions and i'm slowly learning to adjust my former pace with my current pace. and "be, be, be." it feels good. i don't have it all figured out and plan to add in a part-time social work job shortly, but right now, i'm grateful for the creative space.

over the weekend i came across the above image on facebook and saved it to share in today's mindfulness post. considering i struggle with the pick-up-the-iphone-when-i-have-a-moment syndrome, it felt like the perfect message to get out and about without the constant tug of technology.

for a refresher on making your connection to technology more mindful, tune into my podcast with elishia goldstein from last year. it's a goodie.

wishing you moments of meaning sans technology, in nature and with those you love. including yourself, solo at a cafe enjoying your own scintillating company. bisous. x

{to explore mindfulness further, join the "mindfulness: tranquility within" e-course}

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D said...

That sounds like an amazingly busy amazing weekend. I wish I had your energy.

Can I ask what art e-course you are taking? It sounds like fun if it involves glitter! Is it possibly that "No Excuses" course?

kimberly wilson said...

hello d! i'm taking painted pages e-course with sarah ahearn bellemare and the brene brown art journal e-course right now. i'll have to check out the "no excuses" e-course. x

D said...

Thanks for the art e-course recs! The one I mentioned can be found by googling "no excuses art" by Gina Rossi Armfield.

BUT I am SUPER excited about the new creativity book by Nick Bantock (of Griffin and Sabine fame). It is called "The Trickster's Hat."


kimberly wilson said...

thanks darca, i'll have to look that up! AND the creativity book. appreciate the resources! x