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Thursday, January 16, 2014

tranquilosophy: marking

moi in tuesday's ballet class

while doing 3-hour yoga classes in new york at the start of the new year, i noticed that i had been marking my way through many poses. marking is a dance term and beneficial for saving energy for the big performance, but not necessarily in yoga. 

in yoga, the way we live our life is the performance. yes, that's a tweetable!

after learning to modify based on my two surgeries in 2010 {thumb and shoulder} and adjusting for age and energy since then, there has been a big shift into a more relaxed mode. relaxed is not bad, but going through the motions and not doing poses full out {another dance term} isn't ideal.

as i confessed this to another yogini who's been on the mat for nearly two decades also, i began to ponder how this has affected my practice recently. being in a ballroom full of new york yogis giving the practice their all was the perfect kick in the pants i needed. 

and i began to wonder where in life i may also be marking. it's a big philosophical question that stems from my simple observation of not giving my practice my all.

take a moment to notice where you, too, may be marking in life. your morning routine. time with loved ones. exercise. writing. creativity.

it happens. and it's good to note without judgment and begin to steer yourself back to living full out. that's where it gets juicy. bisous. x

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o2bupnorth said...

Yet again you have inspired me! Watching you jump back into ballet with both feet has spurred me to buy a pair of dance shoes (different kind of dance). I'm still looking for the class I need/want, but I've been wanting to do it for years & always said "I need to lose weight first" & "I need to be fitter or more flexible" and countless other excuses. But my word this year is "DO" so I will stop planning, and talking, and DO it! Thanks Kimberly!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the lovely reminder to live full out Kimberly :) xoxo

tan said...

I like that thought! Its easy to almost get into spectator mode sometimes when life is busy and mark lots of things. It also made me think about my dog "marking" things and letting everyone know he has been there-totally opposite meaning of the other. So maybe if we find ourselves "marking(dance meaning)" in life, then we can strive to "mark(doggie meaning)" and let people know we are out there. It kinda goes with my giving key necklace of inspiring. I think you definitely leave your mark on all of us who love your posts and overall work.