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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

things i love

image courtesy of favim
1. classic black and white

image courtesy of glamazon diaries
2. ballet-inspired street wear

image courtesy of the examiner
3. j'adore fluff

 image courtesy of chicago dance supply company
4. i see a long ballet wrap in TranquiliT's future

image courtesy of sasha h photography
5. saw flashdance musical {LOVED!} sunday and this encapsulates the vibe

can you tell i'm returning to ballet class? yep, on this chilly morning. {hello single digits!} i've been away from the barre too, too long. this 40-year-old childhood ballerina is ready to don true ballet flats. bisous. x

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meecindy said...

yes please! for the long ballet skirt in tranquliT's future!!

cindy :)

o2bupnorth said...

As a fellow childhood ballerina, good for you! It's so great you're reuniting with the barre. I've missed it, so I'll be living vicariously through you! As a kid I always wanted to own a house with no furniture in it, so I could just dance from room to room. Enjoy!

kimberly wilson said...

cindy, it's coming, i'm feeling it! x

kimberly wilson said...

o2bupnorth, it felt good and i'm still sore. i, too, wanted a space to dance as a child. longed for my very own barre. maybe it's time now! x

Gina said...

The TranquiliT line needs a knee-length tutu, non?