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Friday, December 20, 2013

week in review

handmade hollydaze gift wrap
le pug sat on le chat noir
pedi time
management team brunch
roasting marshmallows at team holiday fete
team movie night in cozy tranquil space lab
swing time with le pug
supporting animals with dear marie
prepping for daybook shoot
week in review
took 2 yoga classes + 10 yoga auditions
taught 3 yoga classes
released new e-course $50 off through 12/24
took 1 barre class
mani pedi
TranquiliT strategic planning session with carol
2 mindfulness workshops with sharon salzberg + sylvia boorstein
mindfulness meditation sunday morning
recorded and released two daybook promo videos
took new kitten to vet for wellness check-up
survived new kitten's slip into my morning bath
penned tranquilosophy: making time for what matters
shipped many goodies
supported farm animals at FARM's winter bash
supported friend's trunk show supporting tranquil space foundation
congratulated our amazing teacher trainees at graduation
helped with set up and welcomed guests at tranquil space's team holiday fete
tea with a girlfriend at pleasant pops
hosted management team brekkie at founding farmers
 savored chair massage + love actually at our team's movie night
had a check-in call with gail mcmeekin
picked up pink peonies
redesigned message tea {see image above}
penned mindful monday
signed up for mindfulness in practice + in work with sharon salzberg + joseph goldstein
 showcased handmade hollydaze

 weekend wish list
make it through long call with accountant {numbers = yawn}
artist date with hope wallace of paper relics
savor handel's messiah at kennedy center with le beau
sub inspiring yoga class
tea with former colleague
dinner dates
pet pic with santa
barre class
studio gathering

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x 

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