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Thursday, December 26, 2013

tranquilosophy: book bliss

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i hope you had a beautiful christmas snuggled up with those you love. the day passed quickly with us taking in a movie, chinese food, and then more documentaries in front of the fire with our furry sons. simple and savory.

as i often confess, i have a book problem. not any book problem, but a big book problem. my idea of heaven is being surrounded by piles of books and unlimited hot tea served in a vintage china tea pot while curled up fireside in a handmade afghan. for hours. no, make that days. actually, let's go for weeks. shoot for the stars.

also, i procure books believing that all answers are contained within and that by owning specialty books, i'll gain certain skills. for example, if i buy a sewing book {hello burdhastyle sewing handbook}, i'll figure out my machine collecting dust. pick up a book by a fave artist {hello sarah ahearn bellemare} and i'll be creating gorgeous sketchbooks, too. once i read the latest mindfulness book {hello mindful yoga, mindful life}, i, too, will be living in the present moment 24/7. ah, if only it was so easy, right?

although i don't have a full record of my 2013 reads {will do better in 2014}, i wanted to share a partial list of many i've savored {and resavored} this year:

still writing by dani shapiro
wisdom 2.0 by soren gordhamer
the big enough company by abrams and lancaster
the power of less by leo babauta
the power of habit by charles 
ape by guy kawasaki
bonjour, happiness by jamie cat callan
ooh la la by jamie cat callan
savor by thich nhat hanh and lillian cheung
the now effect by elisha goldstein
real happiness at work by sharon salzberg
memoir writing for dummies by ryan van cleave
mindfulness based stress reduction workbook by elisha goldstein and bob stahl
courage and craft by barbara abercrombie
a paris wife by paula mclain
a life in frocks by kelly doust
crafting calm by maggie oman shannon
a writer's paris by eric maisel
lessons from madam chic by jennifer scott
on writing by stephen king
blog, inc. by joy cho
dancing with life by phillip moffitt

since i don't have my book shelves in front of me, there may be a few more texts that i read or skimmed heavily. however, this is a fairly good sampling of my 2013 reads. as i look toward 2014, i eagerly await new inspiration and the finishing of oodles awaiting attention on my overstuffed shelves.

wondering what to add to your reading wish list in 2014? here are a few suggestions:

as i sign off to curl up with my kindle, i want to wish you time over the next few days to tie a pretty bow around 2013 and to welcome 2014. i'll provide tools for this shortly and it's starting with this wrap-up of digested words to date. may there be many, many more. bisous. x 

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meecindy said...

I too have the same obsession with books! Can't get enough, must have them all, and as you do, believe all the answers I need are hidden within those pages. Thank you for sharing your lists; I have a feeling I will once again be adding to my collection.

Cindy :)

goodmoodyogagirl said...

Thank you for sharing - love it when you tell us what you are reading/have read & the additional resources are nice.
Happy New Year!

Julia Coney said...

I don't know if you are a member of Goodreads, but that's one of the ways I keep track of my book list for the year. I also keep a running list in my Evernote under a books read note. I love all the suggestions. Reviewing the list again to decide what to add to the Kindle. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great list, Kimberly!! Thank you so much for sharing. After listening to the passions + priorities podcasts, I read Hamlet's Blackberry and absolutely loved it. I found it to be surprisingly yogic.
All goodness in the new year.