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Monday, September 02, 2013

mindful monday

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happy labor day to all readers stateside. i hope you're enjoying a labor-free day or at least a few moments to bask in savoring the quiet that goes with a holiday. in dc i've noticed ample street parking, sounds of locusts, and a slower pace.

my weekend was spent pouring over heaps of social work material in preparation for the upcoming licensing exam. it's shocking how much i still have to learn. study breaks included a mani and pedi, yoga, penning my september dreams, juicing, walks with le pug, going to see thérèse, and a splash of pleasure reading including the mindful writer

while reading the mindful writer last night, i came across this paragraph that i wanted to share with you today. so simple, yet so profound:
the buddhist teacher thich nhat hanh has written and lectured often on the subject of mindfulness, and he remains one of my most valued teachers because his message is so beautifully simple: if you want to promote peace, be peaceful as you walk across the room; if you want to promote love, love yourself and those immediately around you; if you want to reach enlightenment, be entirely awake and in the moment, whether awash in an oceanfront sunrise or merely washing the dinner dishes.
i hope this resonates with you, too. may we be awake in this moment. it's all we have and it's so very rich. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Sending you love & good thoughts for your exam. Don't forget to do lots of practice questions! - Paula :)

kimberly wilson said...

thanks, paula. lots of practice questions. check. practice exam. check. now the BIG one tomorrow! x