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Monday, August 26, 2013

mindful monday


welcome to monday. fresh back from six days of vegan academy with victoria moran in nyc. arrived to big kisses from le pug {and le beau, of course} and headed straight to bed. absorbing and soaking in heaps of juicy data for hours on end left me a bit drained. filled with new ideas and information, but in need of some marination time to let it all seep in. once this happens, i'll be sure to do a blog post to share my many takeaways.

now i turn to studying for my licensing exam next week and have left my schedule fairly open the next 10 days to devote to the process. well, open in the sense of i'm simply preparing to dash off on tranquility tour, launch the fall TranquiliT collection, and host the tranquility tour bon voyage! fingers crossed on the studying as there is so much material to absorb and recall from the past four years of graduate study. ommmmm.

i came across the above video via many social media outlets over the past few days and knew it would be perfect for our mindful monday reflection. my hope is that it provides a moment of pause before reaching for the smartphone. sure, it's a super handy tool and we often feel naked without it. however, before you reach for it, notice sensations in your body. observe your state of mind. is it boredom? excitement? habit? no judgment, simply begin to notice why you are reaching for it. next, begin to set boundaries around it and relisten to elisha goldstein's sage advice around mindfulness and technology in this podcast. bisous. x

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Gina said...

I'm always stunned when I see a couple or a group out to dinner, but each person is engaged with an electronic device, rather than the person(s) they are with.

Tricia said...

I can't even read much anymore, I always have that phone with me! I went to the fair recently, for a parade, and everyone was on their phones instead of watching the parade. :(

Cherie said...

I've always found the smartphone annoying. I finally had to get one (so I have more flexibility for work) and I often just adopt the if you can't beat them, join them attitude because it feels even more lonely when I don't.

kimberly wilson said...

ladies: happy to see this resonated with so many. moi aussi! it's a great reminder to practice mindfulness in the moment and be with what is transpiring {while also snapping a photo to remember the experience if you're so inclined}. i think we may just see smartphone support groups popping up shortly to help break our overly connected cycles. x