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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

wednesday well-being

image courtesy of free vintage digital stamp

welcome to the weekly dose of wednesday well-being. while i'm working to balance my own at the moment {grief meets exhaustion meets deadlines}, i wanted to share 12 tips to give a go:

1. eat {or drink} leafy greens
2. take a nap and go to bed early
3. pen your thoughts + get introspective
4. engage in a belly laugh {or two}
5. find inspiration {think artist date}
6. do something for someone else
7. get outside and savor fresh air
8. practice yoga {or other mindful movement}
9. meditate for 5 minutes in a quiet setting
10. take a risk
11. savor a soak in the tub 
12. pen a love note

these are my tried and true simple {yet profound} ways to bring a much-deserved dose of well-being into this hump day. or any day. bisous. x

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shelly said...

Wow your post always comes at the right time was getting ready to go in to work on my day off,saw the post and making a green smoothie and taking an artist date and reading .sometimes we burn ourselves out. on a side note love your black eye glasses who is the maker?

kimberly wilson said...

shelly: happy to hear that this helped. green smoothie, artist date, and reading sounds absolutely dreamy. ray-ban makes my eyeglasses, fyi! x