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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

wednesday well-being

mousse au chocolat
impressionist cruise on the seine
eiffel tower, sunshine + fluffy clouds

after hovering over my computer editing {and sneaking out for occasional jaunts + mousses au chocolat} the past ten days, it is a delight to welcome my second group of art, yoga + shopping retreaters to the city of light {above pics}.

while writing in my journal before greeting the group, i noted that i've only chatted with waiters {in broken french} and le beau for the past week. whew, what a joy to chat in english! and in person!

to break up hours of editing and toiling over every word, i would leave the apartment to pick up produce, go for a stroll, see a flick, or hit a market at least once or twice a day. this gave me the opportunity to hit the reset button, bask in being in paris, and connect to a different part of myself. 

in the past i would push through editing and sit in front of the computer for hours despite an achy neck and tired eyes. now i'm learning to listen more to my body and its needs {only took 40 years} by offering it more and more love coupled with regular movement.

et toi? how do you pay attention to your body? one meditation teacher mentioned how for years he thought his body existed simply to carry his head around. i mean, clearly the head does all the work, right? i laughed when he said this as i, too, could relate. our poor bodies are often neglected. 

when i encourage yoga students to tune out of their heads and into their bodies during centering, i know it's hard. our heads are where we spend our time. get things done. solve problems. 

play with checking out from time to time and check in with your body. what are you feeling? what's going on? what needs attention? often, it simply wants love. 

love in the form of touch, food, hydration, sunshine, and rest. be with your body. it's a talented teacher. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Kimberly, this is a great post and great reminder. Too often I find myself slouching in my chair with a headache, after non-stop work. Reminds me of this doctoral student comic joke:

We all definitely need to listen more to how we feel, physically and emotionally. :)