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Thursday, June 13, 2013

tranquilosophy: tools

my parisian work space

bonjour from the desk pictured above. a chaotic, creative haven filled with: eye glasses, sunglasses, laptop, water bottle, tea thermos, daybook, peonies, earplugs, journal, idea book, folder, bags of tea, books, washi tape, pearl earrings, headphones, and love notes to mail.

art journal and art supplies are patiently awaiting attention in my suitcase. leopard print yoga mat and rose candle are on the floor for my morning practice. tops, bottoms, and dresses are carefully set out for easy daily dress-up access. soy milk, museli, tea, sugar, and greens are in the kitchen. toiletries are strewn about the loo. this is all i need on the road.

while traveling {+ at home}, i find it reassuring to have these tools within reach. they allow me to stay organized, yet be spontaneous as the muse hits. yoga. art journal. plan. write. these are creature comforts. and creative comforts. 

when on the road for a bit and out of everyday routine, it's a perfect time to review what tools enhance and detract from creativity. earlier this week i shipped home a few things i brought but didn't need: platform heels {too wobbly on cobblestone streets}, organic cotton items that came in the wrong shade {can't wear distorted black and white}, speakers {used for yoga class with retreaters}, and an assortment of gifts {no need toting them around}. 

take a look around your home or work space. what is a tool? what is a distraction? 

for moi, i've had a television in each apartment but have no desire to turn it on. i'd rather catch a movie or performance in the theatre. however, i'm online often since the computer is my source of writing. that is a distraction easily fixed by unplugging from the wifi. {note to self}

today consider what basic tools you need and consider shedding a few you don't. this includes things, people, outdated commitments, and habits. we're moving toward the summer solstice. the longest day of the year. a time of fulfillment and fertility. use tools that enhance. shed those that don't. bisous. x

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