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Monday, June 10, 2013

mindful monday

image courtesy of cupid designs etsy

welcome to mindful monday. 

my second group of retreaters bid adieu yesterday {le sigh} and i headed to versailles to see a ballet and tour marie antionette's estate. such decadence and tranquility among the overwhelm of versailles. truly lovely. this morning i said "au revoir" to sweet montparnasse and relocated to a sweet un petit apartment in the 20th arrondissment. i'm delighted to explore a new neighborhood while returning to hours of writing and editing {with occasional parisian jaunts, of course}.

while snapping pics in paris last week, retreater denise shared the story of losing her phone to a snatch and run "artist" and encouraged me to set up a password. i've tried it before and found it annoying. a sort of barrier to entry preventing me from the "crack" of connection.

however, i heeded her recommendation and have been working with it the past few days. although it slows down my picture taking, i'm finding i like the pause before the connection. beloved teacher thich nhat hanh encourages a phone meditation. when it rings {or vibrates if you're like me and avoid having it on}, notice your breath, breathe deeply, then answer. use it as a return to the present moment. 

i'm now seeing the password as a sort of mindfulness bell.

what simple daily act can you use as a mindfulness bell?

play with incorporating mindfulness into your technology. observe subtle shifts. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Kimberly, I shared your sentiments about having a password on my phone. However, given that I receive email on it from my counseling clients, I needed a way to protect their confidentiality. I discovered AppLock, an app that allowed you to lock (password protect) whatever apps you want. This has been a great option for me, as it keeps anyone else from accessing apps that I require privacy (e.g., email, evernote, mint, etc.) and allow apps that don't (i.e., quick access to my camera) to still have open access.

kimberly wilson said...

ooohhhh, GREAT idea, sarah. will definitely check this out. thanks for sharing! x