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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

introducing tranquillité parfum

Last week I was delighted to create something I've wanted to do for years . . . a signature scent. After a taste test {so to speak} of various note families: eau fraiche, chypre, fougeres, oriental, floraux, I was eager to begin the mixing. After trying various blends and formulas {each with a dollop of sweet musk and rose}, I settled on the recipe below. My teacher seemed pleased, other participants asked for the formula, and I dashed off with a 50ml bottle of my new creation and a big smile. Thus, I'm delighted to present . . .

Tranquillité Parfum: Custom created in Paris, this delightful blend of gardenia, jasmine, iris, sweet musk, rose, and sandalwood is a girly delight. Compared to L'Instant de Guerlain by my perfume teacher, I find the scent to be an intoxicating blend of all things tranquility. Each ingredient was carefully chosen to represent the different aspects of who we areearthy, sweet, floral, and fragrant.

Procure your bottle by Sunday, June 30 {my 40th birthday!} and I'll hand-carry it back from Paris next week, wrap it with love, and get it right out to you. 50 ml eau de toilette spray $58 + $6.95 shipping to your door.

I'll bring a few extras to sell at Tranquil Space for you local gals. After Sunday, bottles will be $78 + $6.95 shipping due to fulfillment and delivery from Paris.

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AZ said...

I've always wanted to mix my own perfume! Your scent sounds heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Ordered! It has some of my favorite scents and sounds heavenly!

Jessy Mack said...

Kudos Kimberly! What a fun and fitting addition to your world of all things tranquil and beautiful! Can't wait to smell/wear it!

Bronwyn said...

I just love that you've done this Kimberly! What fun, and what a treat for us! xo

Yvonne said...

Oh la la. What WILL you come up with next? Love it. Just ordered a bottle.
Birthday love to you, dear Kimberly!!!! You are getting better with age!!

kimberly wilson said...

merci for your sweet support. it's a fun {and fragrant} offering o' tranquility. donning it now and loving it! x