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Friday, May 10, 2013

week in review

week in review
taught 4 yoga classes
took 3 yoga classes
 1 gym jaunt
dinner date with girlfriend
evening meditation with tara brach
TranquiliT strategy meeting at teaism with girlfriend
purchased black chevron + stripe fabric samples
hair cut + color
TranquiliT inventory count 
put select TranquiliT items on sale 
finalized giverny and impressionists seine cruise tickets for paris retreats
secured afternoon tea ladurée reservations for paris retreats
hosted doga to raise funds for washington humane society
co-hosted tranquil space foundation board meeting
cookout at le beau's cabin with sweet alli + family
 shipped TranquiliT + daybook orders
tea + writing date at coffee shop 
tranquility tour next steps with le beau
chat with farm sanctuary re: awareness/fundraising on tour
picked up pink flowers to brighten chez moi
updated neighborhood guidebook on air bnb 
explored ways to get to plum village to celebrate turning 40
crafted "must do before paris" list
announced the giveaway winner
fun feature on libsyn re: podcast
hosted a mentoring session
conducted three podcast interviews for upcoming shows
sent new vintage items to webmaster for upload
cuddle time with beloved pets
prepped "to handle before france" list
purchased wisdom 2.0 and *highly* recommend

weekend wish list
sub + take yoga
savor the great gatsby in 3D with le beau
brunch with le beau
 learn heaps on fashion truck webinar

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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Tammy said...

Love your week in review. Started doing it on my blog and it's so amazing how quickly the week goes by. Love how your "done" list is longer than your "wish list." xoxo, Tammy

kimberly wilson said...

tammy, so happy you enjoy it and thanks for reading. truth be told, done list includes an entire 7 days while the weekend wish list is simply what i want to do/be/achieve friday night - sunday night. that explains the disparity in the list sizes! x