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Thursday, May 02, 2013

tranquilosophy: glamping dreams

meet our new miss lillie

 le pug checking it out + heads straight to sit on the table {sigh}

 also le chat noir's fave spot

 first selfie in the camper

LED lights, handmade bunting + shabby chic bedding hung with care

le pug {unhappily} secured with shabby chic ribbon

 today's walk to work from greenbelt national park

 morning work from the camper

pink petunias adorn the outside

proudly showcasing my new breast cancer awareness plate

bonjour from starbucks in dupont circle where i'm housed for a dose of green tea and splash of wifi. this week has been one of excitement, new experiences, and an ongoing return to the present moment. inhale, exhale.

from sitting at the west virginia DMV for two hours {and debating much-too-heavily between the wildlife or breast cancer awareness plate}; to containing three pets who want to run into the woods as the camper door opens; to outfitting our new vintage camper with "essentials" such as yummy linens, peppermint candles, LED lighting, handmade bunting, and a tea kettle; to walking to the metro through the woods today. oh, and let us not forget the demands for food {just today claustrophobic le beau was pinned in at 5am by hungry kitties}. the cherry on top, the kitties have to be watched when consuming food lest a "starving" pug swoop in and consume it all with one gulp.

despite the drama that has me filled with giggles out of the sheer hilarity of each moment {easier than crying}, i'm over the moon that we've found the perfect tiny {20 feet} home for our upcoming tranquility tour. it was found on craig's list and purchased from the sweetest 75-year-old named merryl. 

we will be doing some updates to the 1988 interior which definitely has a 70s vibe. to start, we plan to paint the wood-paneled interior white to brighten it up. i'll get mama wilson going on toile, damask, or chevron curtains and coordinating slip covers for the cushions. sadly, not sure that a chandelier is going to be possible but i'll keep pushing. these simple edits will brighten it up and add a dollop of charm. stay tuned for the ongoing evolution. the outside needs some pink beyond the petunias and we're still mulling that transformation over. 

as you may know, i've been on a camper kick for years. both sets of grandparents had airstream trailers and i played clubhouse in them as often as possible. in 2011 i began looking for my own airstream clubhouse on craig's list and have dabbled with the idea heavily over the past two years. why? i needed a girly place to play and create at le beau's masculine cabin in the woods {and i'm secretly in love with dottie angel}. when we came up with the tranquility tour concept, we knew it was time to get serious about finding the perfect fit. although my initial dream was for a trailer, we would have had to purchase two new-to-us used vehicles versus one. thus, the stand alone camper decision. oh, and it will serve as the perfect fashion truck for TranquiliT, too.

there are many darling books and articles about glamour camping {coined glamping--including handmade glamping}, do-gooding along the way, and living a nomadic lifestyle. i thought about the notion of glamping as i walked off the deck carrying my suitcase to the camper in clogs. a not-so-glamorous moment. i'm sure there will be many more.

i share this post under "tranquilosophy" because this vintage camper has been a dream for many years. it's an honor to have it come true within our tiny budget. by pinpointing dreams, creating a budget, searching and waiting for the perfect fit, plus having a plan {bonjour tranquility tour}, dreams come to life in due time. 

what dreams do you have lying within? well, it's a new month and time to pen may dreams {if you haven't already}. why not plant a bold seed into your tranquility du jour daybook? begin watering it with attention and intention this month and beyond. you may surprise yourself. bisous. x

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Britt Bravo said...

You look SOOOOO happy (:

Anonymous said...

The camper looks great so far! I can't wait to see the transformation.

P.S. How about a mini chandelier in a corner?

Vintage Butterfly said...

i am soooo happy for you, Kimberly, as you have longed for your girly space for awhile now. :) Can't wait to see it as the transformations happen. :) Be safe!!

Pam Spencer said...

Perhaps a lovely, loaded-with-crystals, sparkly and pinkish wind chime if the chandelier doesn't happen right now? I am looking forward to reading and seeing the transformation of your dream come true. I love your style!

Maite said...

Looks lovely...J and I camp in a tent and put up garlands of colored lights and lots of candles...

cococita said...

How I adore that camper bed!
This is one of my dreams too: will keep on visualizing! :)
Have great fun with your brand new space!

kimberly wilson said...

merci beaucoup, ladies. we're so excited about this new adventure in our lives and i'm grateful to have you along for the ride--virtually and in person via the upcoming tour! x