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Monday, May 20, 2013

tranquility tour + tranquilologie cover reveal

our recently designed promo to share at tranquil space studios and beyond
save the date for the release of my latest book, tranquilologie, and a festive bon voyage for our tranquility tour. we would be SO very honored to have you join and more deets will unfold over the next few months. 

ooh la la, after months of edits, we've finalized the cover. although the pink coloring appears a bit off when uploaded here, you get the gist. i'm in love and can't wait to share this edited and updated hardcover version of my 2012 e-course, tranquilolgie.

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shelly said...

cant wait to get the book ,also trying to figure out travel schedule live in rochester on lake ontario would love to host you .Should find out work schedule in a few weeks for september -october.It would be so amazing to be part of the tour.Your blog and e-courses have been a great way to explore and grow.All the best

kimberly wilson said...

merci, shelly. appreciate your enthusiasm and hope we connect on the tranquility tour and beyond. thanks for your support! x