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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wednesday well-being: 10 tasty treats

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I can't hide that I'm no chef. Barely allowed in the kitchen, truth be told. I burn things that shouldn't burn. Like tops of toaster ovens. However, I can do some serious assembling and try to keep snacks on hand to nurture my fluctuating blood sugar. Here are a few nibble-worthy suggestions to grab on the go.

Grocery list:
Individual-sized containers of Greek yogurt
Mixed nuts
Nutrition bars
Individual-sized cheese such as string cheese and Babybel
Whole wheat tortillas
Dried fruit
Raw almonds
Brown rice cakes
All-natural nut butter

Snack list:
1. Greek yogurt: top with granola and slices of banana.
2. Nuts: keep some in your bag to pack a tasty punch of fiber and protein.
3. Nutrition bars: look for bars with 5 to 10 g of protein, little sugar, and less than 200 calories.
4. Hard-boiled eggs: protein-rich, low-calorie bite.
5. Individual sized cheese and fruit: pair your string cheese with a batch of grapes for a protein and sweet-filled snack.
6. Whole wheat tortilla and hummus: slather hummus or nut butter onto a whole wheat tortilla for a yummy protein-rich treat.
7. Granola mixed with dried fruit: mix up a small portion of granola and dried fruit with no sugar added. Sprinkle in almonds for more protein and crunch.
8. Brown rice cake topped with nut butter: this fluffy treat offers a nice blend of sweet and savory.
9. Carrots, celery, and hummus: dip your veggies into protein-rich hummus for a crunchy treat.
10. Apple: pack whole fruits such as apples or bananas. Tote an apple slicer to cut into bit-sized pieces. Top slices with nut butter for an additional protein.

What's your fave treat to tote? Bisous. x

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goodmoodyogagirl said...

Thank you! Healthy snacks are my saviors. Today I just discovered Kind granola. Delicious! Baked oatmeal is wonderful for breakfast or a snack. Baggies of an organic 5-grain cereal w/cinnamon, nuts & raisins works great on the go, just need hot water.

kimberly wilson said...

merci for the input, diana. smart tips! x