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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

prints, s'il vous plaît

image courtesy of galaxie andrews

image courtesy of art fire

image courtesy of she finds

image courtesy of the classic chic

image courtesy of i'd absolutely love to

ooh la la, we're exploring adding some patterns into the mix for our fall TranquiliT collection. namely, a splash of stripes or a dose of chevron in an organic cotton sateen. yummy! see the choices below.

 1. medium stripes
 2. petite stripes
 3. petite chevron
 4. large chevron
5. large stripes

what's your pleasure? vote below in the comments or on the TranquiliT facebook page. 

oh, and don't forget to swing by chez moi THIS saturday for our sustainable pop up shop, breakfast at TranquiliT. family, friends, and fans of locally made eco-fashion welcome. bisous. x

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anaottman said...

Happy day! My vote is for petite stripe and large chevron (#2 and #4).

Lisa and Brian @ Anderson Pens said...

petite chevron!!

A girl on a yoga journey said...

Love the looks!
My vote: 3. petite chevron

Palestinian Public Health Advocate said...

Large Chevron is my favorite!

Shannon said...

Love the large chevron! Second choice would be petite chevron.

Poppy Knits said...

Petite or Large Chevron! Love the pics.

Melinda Parkhurst said...

So fun and classic. I like them all, but my favorites are the petite and large chevron and petite stripes.

Sarah said...

I like the large chevron or large stripes :)


Unknown said...

Stripes are my addiction! And I like em bold so #4 and #5 the large chevron and the large stripe.
xo Julie