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Monday, April 08, 2013

mindful monday

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happy monday and fresh start of the week to you! 

my morning began with a leisurely stroll in the sunshine with le pug in tow, followed by a podcast interview with marc lesser, and an accountability check-in with pal britt bravo. before i dash off to the studio for the next eight hours, i wanted to share a great piece i came across in marc's new book, know yourself, forget yourself

it's the perfect reminder of how we all live in our own little worlds. exhibit A: friday night while setting up for the pop-up shop, pal carol said, "did you spend a lot of time alone as a child?" ha! indeed i did and indeed i still march to the beat of my own drummer. we all do - in varying degrees.

here's the excerpt from marc's book:
i sometimes tell my coaching clients and workshop participants that we are so unique in how we think, process, and communicate it is as though we each live on our own planet. the mistake we make, the place where we get disappointed and experience lack of connection, is assuming everyone lives on our planet. then we try to convince others that, not only is our planet the best, but it is the only planet (even if we are not always so happy on this planet). knowing yourself means knowing the ways in which we are all the same and the ways in which we are each unique, and using this to create open and productive relationships.

isn't this amazing? for years i've thought, "well i certainly wouldn't have said/done/written that?" and it's so helpful to be reminded that we are all très different due to nature and nurture. it truly is as if we're from separate planets. and none is better than the other. just different. 

wishing you a beautifully unique week. bisous. x

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