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Friday, March 29, 2013

week in review

chez moi looking oh-so-fancy in air bnb shoot

week in review
taught 2 yoga classes
rode bike 12 miles
1 gym jaunt
completed final 2.5 hours mindfulness-based stress reduction class
daylong with tara brach
released 1-hour spring seasonal podcast
16 hours of internship
podcast interviews for mindfulness e-course
hours of mindfulness e-course writing
organized chez moi to have photos taken for air bnb (see above)
savored two delightful ballets at the kennedy center
penned muse for tranquil space museletter
hosted minfulness chat at tranquil space open house
washed heaps of yoga mats after open house (on hands + knees, cinderella style)
placed order for book printing of tranquilologie (hardcover releasing late summer!)
shipped care packages to pals
got a deep tissue massage to work out upper back kink (ouch!)
goodbye fĂȘte for longtime tranquil space employee
recorded lots of meditation podcasts for mindfulness e-course
savored heaps of hot baths and gouter (addicted to these tonics)
overdue mani/pedi

weekend wish list
 launch mindfulness e-course (created with LOTS of love)
savor connections at saturday's teacher retreat
release inspiring podcast
record videos for tranquility du jour
write heaps
shake my bum at hip hop yoga class
easter brunch with le beau

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?

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Alyson said...

Catching up on posts.. and wow! Your home is absolutely adorable and inspiring!