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Friday, March 15, 2013

week in review

handmade ylang ylang soap gift for my guest

the table is set = my role when hosting (le beau cooks)

image courtesy of glitter guide: emerald mani 

 new DIY spring window at tranquil space

week in review
took 2 yoga classes
2 gym jaunts
taught 3 yoga classes
took psychology yoga workshop
taught biz of yoga workshop
hosted art journaling playshop
20 hours at internship
2 MSW classes
penned scholarly paper of compassion fatique
shipped daybooks with love
hosted friends for evening in chez moi
interviewed denise, author of rock your world rehab, for podcast
afternoon tea + dinner with christine arylo
created + hung window display at tranquil space while patricia directed
mentoring call
indulged in an emerald mani (see sample pic above)
manager meeting call
saved a pigeon + penned tranquilosophy
shared things i love 
revealed mindful monday 
save the date for our sustainable pop up shop
secured room for visit to portland july 5-15
penned heaps of thank yous
completed postings for employee assistance program certificate
purchased cinderella ballet tickets at the kennedy center
picked up tasty snacks for MSW class colleagues
consumed daily green juices
was super duper tired + slept tons (nearly 12 hours one night?!)

weekend wish list
take yoga classes
savor 3-hour mindfulness class
girlfriend dinner + krisha das concert
two tea dates with girlfriends
record vintage video
ship remaining tranquility du jour daybook orders w/ ephemera packets
editorial calender creation
choose 2013 grantees for tranquil space foundation
release podcast on listener questions with le beau
behind the scenes work for upcoming travels
read more of dancing with life
fill out LGSW paperwork
 et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?

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Lauren said...

Please don't ever stop writing these week in review posts! I find them so helpful when thinking about my own week and when looking for inspiration!

kimberly wilson said...

lauren, so happy to hear that they are helpful. appreciate your feedback! happy weekend x

Unknown said...

airbnb!? you're not moving away are you?

kimberly wilson said...

lajoyce, not moving away. dc has my heart strings. x