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Thursday, February 14, 2013

tranquilosophy: happy vday xo

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to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. -- oscar wilde

dearest readers,

today is a day devoted to love. a celebration of connection. an opportunity to let another being know they are special to you . . . and this begins with yourself.

as the above oscar wilde quote reminds us, a lifelong romance begins within. yes, the love of another being (beloved, family, pets) is an absolute treat, but if there is no love within, the joy is fleeting.

yesterday i launched and led my very first webinar for amtrak's EAP (employee assistance program) where i'm interning (more on this later). the theme was on a beloved topic, self-care. the act of self-care is one of the best ways i know to build a romance within. i found a great resource on the blog gentle living that you may enjoy perusing (and implementing). 

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as you prepare to celebrate this special day in your own unique way (moi = internship, grad school, quick tea date, mindfulness-based stress reduction class), i encourage you to review your inner lifelong romance. what wants attention? 

does your body long for more movement and whole foods? does your mind crave an outlet for exploring all the thoughts and dreams inside? does your soul need a bed day or a jaunt to a museum? take a moment to truly listen today. you know what you need. listen to the whispers within. 

happy, happy valentine's day to you. bisous. x

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