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Friday, December 14, 2012

week in review

image courtesy of jill tran

week in review
took 4 yoga classes
taught 3 yoga classes
hosted tiny fête for tranquil space directors
20 hours at internship
spoke at ogilvy on 5 tips o' tranquility + 2013 prep
prepped ephemera + shipping packets for daybooks
cuddles with furry friends
released 259th podcast on simplicity
hosted a mentoring session
decorated chez moi for hollydaze
biked 6 miles
indulged in a meditation class
penned morning pages
wine date with girlfriend
savored live jazz at french embassy followed by dancing to twang at hill country
jaunted to + fro' new york city for a day with julia cameron
shared meatless monday recipe
posted things i love
penned tranquilosophy: my $100 project
kitty to vet for nail trim
kitty cardiologist vet appointment. sigh.
heaps o' hot baths

weekend wish list
fireside knitting date with girlfriends
time with my art journal
yoga, yoga, yoga
bake kale chips
more prepping + packing daybook orders
tranquil space team holiday fête

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list? 
bisous. x  

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Miss M minus 30 said...

I am always inspired by your week in review!
It reminds me to pause and acknowledge all that I have accomplished myself.

Weekend Agenda:
1. Ship LOTS of eBay
2. Finish Holiday shopping
3. Finish up sending Holiday wishes cards
4. Plan Holiday treat boxes
5. Lesson plans for next week
6. Weed out and organize closet
7. Tackle bookshelf organization
8. Watch the Season Finale of Dexter!

Here's to peace & productivity!