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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

things i love: t-day style

image courtesy of brittany stiles
1. vintage table cloths

image + banner how to courtesy of organize your stuff now
2. white pumpkins

image + how to courtesy of anthology mag
3. handmade name cards

image + how to courtesy of the house of smiths
4. handmade bunting

image courtesy of cute pink stuff
5. warm fire, pumpkins, chandelier, white lights

wishing you a beautiful thanksgiving from india.
bisous. x

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Caren said...

LOL....I LOVED that last picture of the white room and the fireplace!! Absolutely inviting!!

Then I saw the furry carcasses on the arms of the couch.... weird accessory for such a nice room!

Hope you had a great time in india kimberly!! Loved the pictures... it reminded me of Ramjula (sp?).

kimberly wilson said...

caren, i know, i know. ginny from california pointed out the same thing via email. how did i miss it? horrified! we can only hope it is faux and i'll be MUCH more cognizant of each detail when posting pics. totally odd accessory for such a gorg room. sigh. mea culpa. x