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Thursday, October 11, 2012

tranquilosophy: savor the process

on september 11 i announced the limited time offer of an art journal toolkit and began carefully planning all the sweet touches to insert inside. the past week was filled with stamping, tearing, cutting, wrapping, stuffing, and packaging these sweet gems to ladies around the united states, canada, and australia. my favorite addition was the tiny spools carefully wrapped with vintage ribbon and baker's twine around each, sealed with decorative tape, and stuffed inside a glassine envelope.

additional treats included three french lace doilies, vintage sheet music from my grandmother, kraft paper labels, a graph index card from mexico, a glittery papaya sticker, vintage graph paper from my grandmother, two bags of my favorite tea, stamped tags, sticks of lavender incense lovingly tied with baker's twine, a roll of decorative tape, foil stars, and star punches. oh, and let us not forget the certified sustainable forest 4x6 spiral journal (perfect for toting) and the reclaimed velvet pouch sealed with vintage ribbon.

before heading to internship tuesday morning, i wanted to add one final touch so i attached a strip of decorative tape to the outside of all the previously stamped and sealed packages. le beau had to finish the last half as it was time for me to jump on my pink bike en route to union station. he then hauled a few bags stuffed with these toolkits to the post office and i've heard that quite a few of you received them yesterday. yay! above are pictures from the process and a photo of the final product by recipient torri.

life gets messy before it comes together tied in a velvet pouch. sometimes the process takes longer than expected, or critical pieces don't arrive on time, or the final product is not at all what was anticipated. and then there is the clean up after the process. the key is to enjoy the process with an eye on the finished product, but to truly savor the journey. wrap the tiny spools with love. stamp each package with intention. sip tea and listen to music while getting messy (my new thing is the vitamin string quartet station on pandora). 

 think of each day as a process. a process of continually coming more and more into your own. a process of making a difference. a process of letting go what no longer serves you and making space for what does. 

bisous. x

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Unknown said...

Can't wait can't wait can' wait!!!!

Jennifer said...

I received mine yesterday, and what a treat! The package smelled wonderful, and each item was so lovingly packed that I felt truly special and pampered :)
Thank you, Kimberly! Now time to journal today!

cococita said...

I also love making packages like these: the process makes me happy and it feels like meditation for me!

Have a lovely weekend: I know for sure loads of women will feel blessed with these gifts!