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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

signature windy city style

 a couple hours of editing + swooning over impressionism at art institute of chicago
editing + browsing new craft book, state of craft, with croissant + tea at argo tea
 picked up vegan wedge christian siriano boots at payless to relieve the one pair i brought on trip
 bowed to monet = a true spiritual experience
 all smiles at the pump room with kristin
 gorg chicago sunset
 gorg chicago skyline
 same outfit, day 5 with borrowed jacket from kristin (merci!)
 a collage of sparkly chandeliers at the pump room
 jazz quartet at andy's jazz club
beautiful reminder at the ruby room

bonjour from chicago. oui, i'm still here. we're hoping for a thursday departure with a friday arrival, but that is to be determined. fingers crossed. in the interim, i'm making the most of the journey. spending time with old friends, meeting online friends, and doing my best to savor a true chicago experience (yay, live jazz) while writing and editing. above is a sampling of my jaunt to the windy city thus far. today includes a dose of yoga and massage followed by an afternoon of writing. it's almost time for tranquilologie's november issue, ladies!

lately i've been feeling swallowed by my schedule without any relief in sight. you know the feeling, right? however, i love how things often have a way of working out exactly as they should. for example, i'm one block from a sweet online friend who graciously gave me a key to her place for laundering my one outfit and invited me out for a full moon goddess gathering at bodhi spiritual center monday night. another friend had a darling jacket to loan me. this couldn't have been planned any better. thank you, universe! a forced respite filled with creative play is just what the doctor ordered to refuel my spirit.

inhale. exhale. enjoy the journey. sometimes life knows exactly what we need to jump off the hamster wheel, nap, and rejuvenate . . . even in another city. sending heaps of love to all affected by sandy. may basic needs and creature comforts be returned to you stat.

bisous. x

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