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Sunday, July 15, 2012

tranquility summer camp: 1 spot

dearest lovers of tranquility:

i can't believe that THIS thursday is the launch of our first ever tranquility summer camp. we've hosted a fall and spring retreat in west virginia and now we're doing a 4-day extravaganza. this offering is complete with two guest teachers, mary catherine starr and carol meyers, plus optional led hiking and biking infused among the yoga and art. oh, and tasty, veggie home-made meals a la chef le beau. yum!

we have one spot left and an inspiring, intimate group of lovely ladies to share it with. if you are interested in basking in this experience, scoop it up and take two days off work for this 4-day adventure of nurturing your creative spark in nature. we send our kids to summer camp, why not ourselves? plus, you get to meet le pug in the flesh. or, in the fur!

stay tuned for pictures and lots of love from west virginia this week. bisous. x

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