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Monday, July 02, 2012

things i love: final france shots

 1. birthday = pink peonies + yoga

 2. piles of peonies at morning market

 3. heaps of gorg flowers + french writing on mini chalkboards

 4. gorgeous colorful veggies

5. more fragrant flowers (i snapped tons)

 6. post-yoga rosé with former tranquil space yogini, alexandra 
(why yes, i did tote my peonies with me all over paris on my birthday!)

7. off to final meal in paris on my birthday. 
lovely pink and purple sunset that evening with light until 10pm.

 8. random shot o' smiles on airplane

9. sweet louis in his pink airplane home

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Kristen said...

Love these shots. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I've had lots of fun traveling with you virtually!

Nicole said...

Ditto to everything Kristen said!

Pr. Emily said...

:) :) Awesome photos. I LOVED the market photos along the way.

I wish you safe travels and a smooth transition back to the US!

Vintage Butterfly said...

i adore peonies...they are my favorites. Beautiful pics. :)

Rebecca said...

Happy happy birthday Kimberly!!xoxo