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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

musings from nyc

bonjour from a starbucks (yay free wifi plus veggie protein bistro box) in soho. my "office" for the afternoon.

this spring i signed up for a hand stamped jewelry workshop at make workshop as part of my focus on creative expression during my semi-sabbatical. well, the day has come and i hopped on the bus this morning with a 1am return. these quick jaunts are always a lovely dose of inspiration and infusion of eye candy. it's no secret i love this city and find myself drawn to its seemingly endless expression of creativity. simply people and style watching is worth the $29 bus fare!

here are a few shots i've captured so far during my 2 hours in town: my soho office (sounds so fancy), an assortment of girlie dresses, kate paperie's storefront, plus some pics from yesterday's girlfriend time featuring her kiddos and my furry one. it was so lovely to spend time with her and not feel the pressure of school paper deadlines or a pile of to-dos. sure i still have the to-dos, but i'm beginning to feel a sense of freedom that i haven't had for the past decade plus. it feels good. liberating. and scary.

transition is tricky. i'm still swimming in grief over my gramma (when does it get easier?), pondering which projects to launch before back to school plus internship end of august, seeking to simplify, and struggling to find my way. i'm an answer girl. a plan girl. a seeker of clarity. being unsure or unclear on my path is disconcerting. however, i know that the answer is found along the path. by living. being fully present and paying attention.

if only my emotional body could also internalize that notion.

while my world beyond may 2013 graduation and (ideally) summer in france continues to reveal itself (albeit a bit slowly for my taste), i'll continue listening. closely. for what continues to come up and make itself known.

will you join moi in the listening? the cultivation of experiences. the slow sips of tea. the day trips that fuel creativity. the walks in the park. the unhurried time with girlfriends.

bisous. x

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Helen Corbett said...

I can't believe you are now in NYC, at yet another workshop! When I saw you at Collage, I was just coming down with a horrible summer cold--that minute!--that 1,500 miles later, is slowly unravelling and presenting gifts every second! Like slow down! I admire your energy!

Unknown said...

In the same place (emotionally, spiritually) and wrote about it here:
Hugs to you and deep breaths and smiles! :)
Sitting in the pause with you...

Rachel said...

Summer (what we have of it in the UK this year!) is always a time to bring a little more quiet into my life, be the pause between the notes, as my schedule lets off for a few weeks.

And for what it's worth the intensity of grief does lift with time and nurturing. The first year is always the worst and then...well it becomes something we're more able to live with.

love + oms

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberly! I too find myself having the same struggles at times (along with procrastination). Then I remind myself to breathe and truly be in the moment. We can't dwell on the past (so tempting though) and we must trust that what is meant to happen in the future will happen. Believe in the power of synchronicity.