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Friday, June 22, 2012

week in review

watercolor of moi in vintage slip by retreater/artist/stats professor angela

week in review
picked up our camper
encouraged le beau's stick shift lesson in nice parking lot
read books on my list
shared photos of louis kisses
added to my france art journal
shared peek inside my france art journal
penned things i love 
penned 20 thank you notes + 10 hand painted postcards
mailed said love notes to the US, canada, austrailia, france, UK, switzerland
heaps of email catch up
drove from nice to cannes
drove from cannes to st. tropez
beach time with le pug + le beau
strategic chats with le beau
yummy sips of rosé
 consumed oodles of pommes frites (french fries)
journal reflections on past year and year ahead (birthday time annual review)
grieved gramma
called mum + pops 
legs up the camper
 met sweet 4-month-old black pug who loved louis
reviewed all your fabulous input on tranquility du jour survey (merci beaucoup)

weekend wishlist
writing galore
safe travels to salon de provence
savor salon de provence
et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist? 
bisous. x

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