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Monday, May 07, 2012

scenes from weekend in nyc

 bus ride bebe blanket embroidery
 more bus ride bebe blanket embroidery

 jivamuktea cafe brown rice, steam kale + spicy tempeh
tools for gallivanting: wallet, scarf, embroidery, h2o bottle, journal, kindle

 tasty strawberry tart dessert from pure food + wine
 dining outfit: tights, leopard wedges, pouf skirt + TranquiliT 2in1 chemise
 cafe journal writing
 vintage slips make my heart sing
 my new vintage crochet handbag
always a favorite
 embroidery class at make workshop
 more embroidery class pics
tasty vegan cupcakes
 hamlet the pig candle = gift from teachers = love
tasty sparkly cupcake gift from teachers
 10-year anniversary girls: carol, siobhan, anne + danielle heading out on the town
 vintage aprons at hell's kitchen flea market
sweet embroidered vintage apron
 peonies in central park
green tea + lemon tarts in central park
 lovely display of spring flowers
 ah, central park
picked up this darling linen and lace vintage collar at flea market

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful trip to the Big Apple! I love all the vintage aprons and slips.

Melinda Parkhurst said...

LOL. I, another DC homie, was also galavanting around NYC checking out thrift stores, The Strand, historic sites and eating vegan at gobo - yum! Our paths probably crisscrossed in the subway tunnels.

Elocin said...

Always a joy to read about your travels! Thanks for posting. Very, very inspiring.

kimberly wilson said...

how fun that you were in nyc, too, melinda! wish our paths had crossed while thrifting! x

merci sarah + elocin for commenting. glad you liked the photos. so much eye candy in nyc. x