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Monday, May 21, 2012

pics from weekend

 making tea towel for le beau's mum
 three handmade bebe gifts all tied up with love
 friday afternoon tea time with friend
 friday night cuddles with 3 furry creatures
 saturday afternoon break with new clogs, iced green tea + buddhist philosophy,
 (ruling your world)
 hand painted and stamped love notes for TranquiliT bon voyage sale
 sunday morning shot in handmade dress en route to improv sewing class
 fun workshop with authors + picked up new book
decorated these onesies with sewing scribbles
 evolution of tea towel embroidery
 cuddling bebe maggie at bebe naming fete
 rare couple shot at bebe fete (we always forget!)
 showcasing granny chic dress under pink pom poms
weekend finale with prosecco at tranquil space team happy hour

bisous. x

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Kenya, your self-care bon vivant said...

your dress is tres chic! oo la la!

Rebecca said...

love the gift packaging, so pretty!xoxo

Nicole said...

Your pictures make me so happy! Please keep them coming. You live a beautiful life!