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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

may's online book club choice

bonjour. this month's featured tranquility du jour online book club choice is the fire starter sessions by danielle laporte. i downloaded it on my kindle friday night and read half of it by monday. excited to pick it back up and finish it this weekend. i enjoy her writing style and the message is right on with where i am right now. i think you, too, will be inspired. join the dialogue and let me know your thoughts. in the interim, here are some great online resources and interviews:

on crazy sexy life website
interview on box of crayons
interview with tara gentile
interview with the province

p.s. to participate in our online book club, simply click the book image on the far right of the blog to share your thoughts, challenges, and insights regarding our monthly read. bisous. x

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Rebecca Esther said...

I love your book choice for this month! Danielle LaPorte is great.

From Drab to Fab said...

So excited to read this!

Laura said...

I can' wait to get going. I need to move toward what I love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies, what do you think of the book so far? I am totally loving it. I am actually bookmarking all of the worksheets to go back to but have the ideas marinating a bit.

kimberly wilson said...

i finished this book on the bus back from nyc last weekend and really enjoyed her writing style plus insertion of other writer's books and gems.

ok, so here's a smattering of my fave quotes in no particular order:

"anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you." - david whyte (reminder to read him, have heard lots of great things)

"get better at what your best at."

"how do you want to feel when you look at your schedule for the week? when you get dressed in the morning? when you walk through the door of your studio or office?" ALWAYS LOVE ENVISIONING THE IDEAL.

"what if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel within ourselves and then we designed our to-do lists?"

""feelings first" is really the essence of simplified living - a focus on what matters most."

"what would you like to stop doing?" POWERFUL QUESTION.

"what gets measured gets attention. what gets attention grows."

"when someone at a party ask you what you do, what do you say? and how do you feel when you say it?" (side note: i NEVER know what to say here and usually mumble, "i'm a yoga teacher." ugh)

"burnout is the ideal time to take a dream hiatus and take stock. move slowly in the shifting terrain of ambition and idealism. it will be tempting to make plans for what's next, but resist and be still. go into savasana. at the end of most yoga classes there is time for savasana, or the corpse pose. you just lie flat on your back, breathe, and integrate. the purpose is that all the work you just did is metabolizing." LOVE THIS POINT!

loved the mention and practice of tonglen plus incorporation of the powerful pema chodron.

loved the suggested stop-its!

"when i say be creative, i don't mean you should all go and become great painters and great poets. i simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem."

"make creating art your guiding priority." AMEN!

"your brand is your character in action."

"when you consistently and genuinely show up, you build trust."

"so if we're going to kick our time diets, then everything that gets on our calendar needs to be assessed for its nutritional value. the guiding question becomes does this sustain me or exhaust me? i batch my actionable tasks, i schedule in administrivia days, and i have key priorities."

"we fill up on lives. that's what humans do. the question is what are you filling it with? are you out-of-control busy, or are you full with life? full is beautiful. frantic is a buzz kill."

"how many mornings do we choose email over meditation, or let deadlines pull rank on stretching, cuddling, or a glass of water swallowed slowly and appreciated?" OMMMMM.

"envision your ideal twelve hours."

"before you reach for your wallet or click "buy," ask yourself, is this going to make me feel fantastic in a way that it actually improves my well-being?" DARN THAT 1-CLICK AMAZON OPTION!

these were a few of my fave takeaways. hope you, too, are enjoying this book. lemme know your highlights! x