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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

fall swatches

swatches of TranquiliT's fabric in chosen colors

ooh la la! you asked for it and here are your top 3 choices of french roast, rose smoke, and honey gold absorbed into our luxurious organic bamboo fabric. still a fan? if so, which two are your top favorites? lemme know by friday and i'll get them on order for our fall collection. comment below or on TranquiliT's facebook page. merci for your support of my 10-year-old bebe, TranquiliT. bisous. x

trending colors per pantone

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J said...

French roast and honey gold, definitely! ;)

Gina said...

Count me in for both French Roast and Honey Gold! I love them both. The Rose Smoke is lovely, but I wear those autumn shades far better.

Yuanzi said...


Dawn said...

French Toast and Rose Smoke!

kimberly wilson said...

french roast and rose smoke won the various votes here and on facebook. they are on order. thanks for your input! x