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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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bonjour breezy tuesday. 

life as i know it is winding down slowly. there are 3 weeks (1 paper + 1 presentation) left in this semester, 3 sessions with my creativity circle, 5 weeks until my semi-sabbatical, and 6 weeks until we leave for france plus heaps of happenings in between. having been on a hamster wheel of building my baby, tranquil space, over the past 13 years, i'm grateful for the opportunity to shift gears ever so slightly. 

i have a deep longing to spend time needle crafting, sewing, canning, gardening, writing, playing with vintage finds, and embracing the simple pleasures of life. my family is filled with beautiful, crafty homemakers who also worked outside the home. i'm eager to spend time connecting with my crafty side (i was the home ec queen in 9th grade, after all) and slowing my pace. 

my understanding is that grief has a tendency to have this effect on people. to slow us down, help us reflect, and return to simplicity. for this, i'm grateful. but i still want my gramma back. just saying. 

my hope is that you'll feel this transition on the blog. more joy in everyday experiences, more focus on being versus doing (oui, i'll still post my week in review - doing is part of my DNA), more nesting ideas, more travels, more connections. i'm feeling this all bubbling up inside and am eager to share the transformation with you. merci beaucoup for joining me on the journey of life. bisous. x

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Lexi said...

Merci beaucoup for inviting us in on the journey! I'm grateful for the community . . . it's a necessary part of growing. xox and CANNOT wait till this weekend's retreat :)