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Thursday, March 01, 2012

march's online book club choice

It's that time again . . . the unveiling of our latest book club feature. I put out a request on twitter for suggestions and the lovely mz flaneuse recommended Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg. Oui, oui! Please consider picking up a copy, listening to the included meditation CDs, and sharing your thoughts. Also, at Tranquil Space Arlington Katie is hosting a 4-week series around this great book. Synchronicity! Peruse the author's resource page for chapter excerpts, audio samples, and articles. May real happiness unfold this month.

P.S. To participate in our online book club, simply click the book image on the far right of the blog to share your thoughts, challenges, and insights regarding our monthly read. Bisous. x

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Bunnysan said...

Thrilled that my suggestion was chosen! I am currently at the end of the "Week One" component of the book, and although it's not my first time attempting to accomplish the 28 days, it's no easier!

I have to say, I have read a wealth of books regarding meditation and the actual practical application of sitting, as well as many books on Buddhism, but when it comes to the actual part of getting down and making the "Commit to Sit", I definitely have some work to do.

I plan on writing about this in more detail on my blog, but I thought I would just check in there for the first week and see how others are doing.

My main problem is that I'm currently travelling. I've been away for almost four and a half months, backpacking and my location is always changing. I have erratic hours sometimes and I'm not always available to sit at the same time in the same place each day. However, I think I may be able to kind of use this to my advantage. After all, we shouldn't need special spots, special cushions and special rooms, mindfulness should be something you can work on anywhere, and it is! So this will be my extra challenge. Can I get through the 28 days to the point where I can eke out some time for a daily sit by the end of it!

Here's hoping!