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Saturday, February 04, 2012

a day o' creative play

image + how to courtesy of transient expression

bonjour and happy, happy saturday.

when i realized that it was saturday and i was in the country (have those moments where you wake up and wonder where you are?), i jumped out of bed and headed for my creative space. i couldn't wait to begin organizing, exploring, reaching out to podcast interviewees, journaling, reading, and writing. 

here's what i've found so far:

2. this fun e-course on creating a charmed business 

3. this video of elizabeth gilbert sent to me by a girlfriend  

5. eye candy from bust re: jason wu's target launch

6. 3 new books per gwen bell's recommendation:  

7. inspiring video + ideas on be more with less

next up: massage, penning thank yous, yoga, and a big dose of being 
(with books, journal, cuppa tea + art supplies in hand). 

may your saturday involve a dose of creative play + a dollop of being. you deserve it. bisous. x

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Puglet said...

I know this sounds cranky but every time I read this blog about some fabulous trip, and the massages and mani pedis every week, and the summer in paris, and the week in nyc, and the week in mexico I think I'm paying way to much for yoga. Feeling like I am supporting a corporate enterprise and someone's deluxe lifestyle when I struggle to pay for classes. It kinda makes me feel not so good. Is anyone else feeling this way? I know - just stop reading, right? A girl's entitled to a good living but so over the top sometimes.

Puglet said...

Sorry - one other thing just to say it. I always feel inadequate too when i read some of the week in reviews she posts. I don't understand the purpose and would love the writer to explain the intent behind why she posts everything she does in a week - i wish i could do that much in a month but don't have the luxury of all that free time. again i know this sounds negative but i do find useful links and some book suggestions on here. wish there was more of that and a little less of 'my wonderful life'. Go ahead - let the bashing begin! I know it's someone's personal outlet for self expression - i keep looking for yoga info and end up reading about shoes or headbands. Oh well. live and let live.

Helen said...


Carry on.

Cass said...

Puglet, Yes a bit cranky. But I get where your comments are coming from. I don't have any issue with you verbalizing them. I think the heart of what you are saying is actually legit even if tone could be well, a little toned down.

Anonymous said...

Kimberly has been an utter inspiration to me for years now.

This life she leads is intense and full and beautiful because she gives everything she does 200% of herself. I know of very few people who are as dedicated, driven, and passionate as Kimberly.

She deserves this life because she BUILT it.

As someone who just opened her own movement studio, I hope to some day be able to take small trips, have pedis, etc. because guess what? When you teach -- REALLY TEACH -- you put ALL of yourself out there for others to snack on and teachers deserve all the refueling we can get.

Christina said...

Puglet - I have been following Kimberly's blog for a few months now and have found it to be a huge inspiration. There used to be a time when I would be upset to read about such an inspiring person because deep down I wanted so much more out of my life. There is a reason you are having such a strong reaction to Kimberly's blog posts, not because you think she does not deserve to live a fulfilled life, but because you want one too. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling to pay for yoga and wish you had more free time. Why don't you stop complaining about it online and go out and do something about it? You can design any life you choose, as long as you are willing to put in the work. Kimberly is lovely enough to share her beautiful, mindful and authentic life with us. I encourage you to let her inspire you, rather than make you feel bad about yourself. It takes a lot of courage to love yourself enough to say, "I deserve everything I want and I am willing to do the work."


creativezengirl said...

As a Yoga/Pilates studio owner myselfe, every night I check my email for Kimberly's post & she makes me smile. I have 3 girls that I shuffle around town & am super busy but even carving out "my" time to look at the beautiful pictures, creativity & many inspiring post's. I love Kimberly's adventures becuase they are Fun :) she is never bragging & as a business owner we work so hard for a much deserved mani/pedi.
Kimberly keep rocking it out & speaking your truth!

Anonymous said...

Anyone into pigs and recycling t-shirts isn't all that deluxe. I like the funky mix of everything from art in Paris to staying in bed all day. There's enough in the world for all of us to be happy and to be happy for others. Tomorrow will be a better day:)

Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

I've known Kimberly Wilson for over a decade, when she was still teaching at someone else's studio and had just opened space at a neighborhood church. I worked for her for several years, first as a volunteer (in exchange for yoga when I was in grad school and couldn't afford classes), and then as a paid asst studio manager. What I can say is, the life she writes about here is something she has built working double digit hours daily 7 days a week. I can recall over a year straight where she didn't take a single day off, and then all of the planning required for her to be away when she finally took her first vacation. Quite frankly, I don't know anyone who works as hard or as many hours as she does, and I'm often amazed at all that she does. I think it's great that she's finally taking some time for herself - it's been a long time coming. And even when she takes "me time" I know she's working before and after. It's her way and how she got to this point in life. I think a good point was made in the comments - it can be very challenging to see someone be so successful when you are amid personal struggle. If you're having trouble paying for classes, see if you can volunteer in exchange for free or reduced fee classes. Having trouble finding time to do things? Re-evaluate how you spend your time - less reading of Kimberly's adventures and more focusing on your own goals, maybe. It's all about choices, creativity, and looking for opportunities.

Kelly said...

Hmmm so if someone owns a yoga studio they shouldn't take trips? I don't get that!

I traveled A LOT in my 20's when I had like, NO money & people would say "Wow that's SO awesome you were *able* to go and teach English in Japan" (well I studied Japanese for a year AND had the motivation and interest, to apply for the program) and they'd add "I could NEVER do that". Or they'd say "WOW how did you study abroad in London?" Ummm.... I waitressed the entire summer beforehand working double shifts days on end. Or "OMG you went to Zambia? I cant afford to go to Africa -but I'D LOVE TO GO" Well actually, I went with Habitat for Humanity- so I paid a program fee on TOP of transport, etc... so it wasn't cheap, & I made some sacrifices (used my savings and had no job to come back to so immediately had to start temp work when I returned!)

So, I would always, say to those people "Well you can do that too,... I mean if you want to?"

I think we all have the power to do whatever we set our minds to. And I don't think we should be shrinking violets or be ashamed to tell other people or talk about it, just because they might not have the motivation or desire to do the same things (or to do the things they want to do)!

Read Marianne Williamson's poem & SHINE!!!!!!