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Saturday, January 07, 2012

week in review: bonjour 2012

makeshift desk on bus for penning thank yous
altar at jivamukti yoga gathering
kris carr speaking on the power of broccoli
i developed a crush on these glitter shoes
donna de lory performing = voice of an angel
no impact man sharing how to make a difference
yoga look: lace bloomers, reclaimed legwarmers, TranquiliT head to toe
bebe levi now reaches for everything . . . including le beau's ear
my 2 superheroes: pippi longstocking + fancy nancy
cupcake top from vegan babycakes nyc
new book from strand
darling twinkle light-covered bike outside restaurant
eco actions by bakery in lower east side
standing outside babycakes with jennifer on her birthday
with jennifer + bebe levi (having a meltdown) at his first bar

week in review
friday in dc with mum + pops = bookstores until wee hours
20+ hours of yoga
launched tranquilologie = woo hoo!
goodbye to mum + pops
announced giveaway winners on blog and facebook
recorded tranquilologie mp3
TranquiliT shipping
yummy yoga workshop at tranquil space
penned 30 thank yous on sunday's bus ride to nyc
sunday eve dinner with baby b at the standard
penned things i love
penned happy new year
announced january online bookclub choice
penned green is the new black
reveled in great talks by guest presenters (kris carr, neal barnard + no impact man
dinners with pari + quinn at candle cafe
saw andy warhol painting up close
vintage + secondhand shopping
manager report
manager meeting agenda
monthly teacher notes
teacher meeting agenda
tranquil space foundation strategic planning agenda
developed a professional crush on neal barnard
afternoon play dates with jennifer, jason + bebe levi
picked up queen of crafts at strand
consumed 8-10 green juices
 le beau bought me a juicer = hooked!
ate heaps of spicy tempeh
was sans wifi tuesday-friday
left manhattan at 10:30pm, back to dc 3:30am today
took inbox from 350 to 150 emails to handle
set up weekly sewing lessons through april

weekend wishlist
host inspiring urban retreat
host inspiring teacher gathering
settle in
soak in tub
pen january dreams
date night with le beau
post inspiring podcast

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Sarah said...

Those glitter shoes are totally crush-worthy!