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Saturday, January 28, 2012

scenes of saturday

 added twinkle lights to patio garden
added colorful glass floating hearts to tree for buddha
pink printed garden gloves for the dirty work
stacked wood near back door for easy access
got sir louis set up in front of fire
he appears content
my evening office set up for writing. note bonnard in background.

after 12 hours, oui TWELVE hours of slumber (someone was exhausted), i walked sir louis and headed to tranquil space to get my yoga on. yum! picked up some black beans, whole grain tortillas, and salsa and headed home. made a delicious vegan lunch and headed to mint for a much-needed massage. my body is so sore from the 3 yoga classes this week coupled with all the travel. topped it off with a divine steam and have a happy body. next, headed to hardware store in adam's morgan to pick up fishing wire to hang the glass hearts i picked up in mexico. stumbled upon a vintage shop, picked up two delicious noir goodies for $35, and headed home. tended my beloved patio garden for a few hours while the carla bruni pandora station serenaded me. finally settled in for some writing while sipping moscato. a delightful, productive, restorative saturday indeed. bisous. x

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