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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

rainy tuesday musings

image courtesy of steve-h via flickr

bonjour rainy tuesday. 

after being cooped up in the school library most of yesterday, i'm thankful to be sitting at my kitchen table (aka home office) writing today with a warm, snoring pug on my lap. particularly pensive today and the rain intensifies this mood. i'm feeling behind on so many things (random to-dos, writing projects, accounting), yet lacking the energy and wherewithal to bring them to fruition. at least for today. instead i want to curl up with my kindle, light a warm fire, and spend time in a state of being (vs doing).

motivation is an interesting creature. sometimes we're filled to the brim with energy and the know how to knock things out of the park. while other times we're moving at a snail's pace and wondering if we remembered our basics - like morning vitamins. 

life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs and sometimes it is best to go with the flow. so the to-do list will continue to grow. so my neurons aren't firing quickly today. so my soul requires a respite. the world will keep turning. the to-dos will be there when i'm back to my preferred pace. and it's ok if i take double morning vitamins just to be sure. 

one thing we know for sure is that nothing is ever constant. change is inevitable. by learning to ride these changing tides of energy and emotion, we'll allow ourselves to be authentically whole - 
as we are, in this exact moment, without apology.

bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, I am lacking the motivation today, I have ended up ender a blanket with my little dog reading a book all day, i was feeling terribly guilty but sometimes you just can't find the get up and go you have on other days i guess. At least I know its not just me who has those sort of days from time to time x

meecindy said...

thank you for this post. have been feeling similary and it's good to know i'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

I think that we often spend so much time and energy on what is not done, whats left to do that we don't look at all we have accomplished. If you don't listen to your body and soul when it needs a rest, it will force you too at times and you will not have the energy to give to all those you love and all the things you want to do. You must fill up yourself too.

Susan said...

This resonates so much with me too. I am often guilty of pushing myself. I have a demanding and stressful job, which I am pushing myself to do at the moment. I hear such wisdom in these words and need to be more true to myself when I need to rest and recharge.

Miss M minus 30 said...

I always say you have to honor your energy levels. Our bodies are powerful in that they are always telling us exactly what they need if we only pause long enough to listen.

kimberly wilson said...

awww, merci beaucoup to all for your thoughtful feedback. much appreciated and happy to hear i'm not alone in these mOMents of listening to a body and mind that is moving slower than i'd like! wishing each of you a beautiful, tranquil day. x

Trece said...

I love the synchronicity when your mood matches mine! For a few days now, I have felt this way - almost on the verge of tears (and for no apparent reason). Today I am going to honor this in my body, and trust that it, too, shall pass.