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Monday, December 12, 2011

deux giveaways + free fun

bonjour + happy, happy monday.
before i sink into the abyss of grad school paper deadline (oy, today!), 
i wanted to express my gratitude to tranquility du jour readers and supporters by offering up  
deux, oui, DEUX gratitude-filled giveaways plus a personal invite to a free + festive hollydaze happening:

1. share a TranquiliT pic on our outfit pics page by december 31 
to enter to win a free all-in-one wrap dress. winners will be chosen at
random and announced on january 1. 

2. like tranquility du jour on facebook by december 31
to enter to win a free tranquility du jour toolkit. winners will be chosen at
random and announced on january 1. 

3.  join moi thursday, december 15 for our handmade hollydaze TS labs open house fête.
make popcorn garland, pomanders, and snowflake ornaments, nosh on tasty treats, savor libations, watch miracle on 34th street, and mingle off the mat with the tranquil space cOMmunity. répondez s'il vous plaît to

bisous. x

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Melita said...

i not only "like" tranquility du jour, i LOVE it! :) we ALL need a little more tranquility in our lives! hugs & namaste!

Anonymous said...

Sadly I don't have a piece of clothing from TranquiliT to share or I would, love the look of it!

I have liked the FB page for months and months now so that one is out too!

I would totally be at the event for TS if I didn't live in CA ;-D

OH well! Maybe next time!

kimberly wilson said...

and the winner of the all-in-one wrap dress is the beautiful melinda parkhurst AND the winner of the tranquility toolkit is jen lukas-landis! BIG congrats and a warm merci to all who participated. please pass along your snail mail addys and i'll get your goodies out to you! xx