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Thursday, December 01, 2011

december online book club choice

in honor of my first purchase of TOMS shoes - pewter sequins wedges - and having devoured this book immediately upon kindle download, i thought this may be a great book for exploring over the holidays. it's full of inspiration, how-to, and will definitely get your ideas flowing.

why this book is for you (pulled from his website):
  • You’re ready to make a difference in the world—through your own start-up business, a nonprofit organization, or a new project that you create within your current job.
  • You want to love your work, work for what you love, and have a positive impact on the world—all at the same time.
  • You’re inspired by charity: water, method, and FEED Projects and want to learn how these organizations got their start.
  • You’re curious about how someone who never made a pair of shoes, attended fashion school, or worked in retail created one of the fastest-growing footwear companies in the world by giving shoes away.
  • You’re looking for a new model of success to share with your children, students, co-workers, and members of your community.
watch this video for a bit more inspiration.

join me in the discussion of this phenomenal book and inspiring movement.
bisous and happy reading. x

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Norgebarn said...

interesting choice :-) I downloaded a sample chapter and will read into it and see if I go on - problem these days too is the time (study, wee one...) but I will try as it really sound tempting and inspiring...

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed reading Blake's book. I've seen TOMS shoes, but I was ignorant of the company's One for One mission.

I liked the book's message of the importance of giving and helping other people. Many wonderful ideas to apply to my personal and business life.

Thanks for picking this book!

Melinda Parkhurst said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this very inspirational read. A great reminder that 1) it isn't necessary to start big and 2) to find ways to find a way to turn what you already love to do/are really good at into something to help others. This book offers lots of example and references to get your mind turning over possibilities.

Thanks for bring this book to my attention!

kimberly wilson said...

Melinda and Jennifer, SO happy to hear that you've enjoyed this book. I thought it was so juicy and a great reminder on ways to leave a legacy! Happy hollydaze! x

Dawn said...

I'm about halfway through the book, and I'm really enjoying it. lots of good tips, and some inspiration. Thank you for putting it on my radar!

Anonymous said...

I'm little bit behind the 8th ball in reading, but just recently purchased the book and read it in three days. I really enjoyed and find awe inspiring. I believe that finding yourself means through in the service of others.