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Saturday, December 03, 2011

blog tour a la fave author

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Gail McMeekin Blog Tour Journal Excerpt * Secret #12 of Highly Creative Women

Many creative people operate under what I call an “expansive umbrella,” where they link multiple ideas together and work in a big-picture arena. First, though, we need to choose one thing to focus on and experience the power of completion. From there, we can then move on to linking our completed projects together under a central theme or experience, with each one being a completely new learning adventure. I challenge you to declare in writing your “expansive umbrella” creative goal. What common theme ties together all of the unique things that you do? The world needs your creative brilliance—please share it with us!

1. Select a creative project to complete that is heartfelt and inspires passion in you. Write down an action plan step by step. Support your vision with pictures and props to help you to achieve this goal. Then pull together a team of fabulous people to cheer you on and advise you along the journey.

2. Spend five minutes each day visualizing the satisfaction of achieving your goal and completing your special project.

3. Tune into your personal creative mission and purpose for your project and write about what creative wisdom you gain from this experience here.

4. When you have achieved your goal, plan a celebration and revel in your new sense of creative power. You have become a creative person who keeps commitments to yourself and others, and your life will never be the same. Claim your creative high points and build on them!

Enjoy these two amazing Tranquility du Jour podcasts (recent and former) featuring Gail, too. 
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