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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

how to: 2012 planner pad prep

it's that time of the year. prepping our new planners to help keep the upcoming year a bit more, well, tranquil! here are scenes of my process for gussying up my planner pad.

1. the front cover is key. i look at it all year long so it is critical to have it covered with inspiration. mine isn't complete yet, but it's a start - fashion, flowers, vintage owl, candles, "creative abandon" banner over vintage accounting paper from my great grandparent's furniture store. more to come, then i'll seal it in my high tech process - packing tape.

2. add layers to the back. mine starting point is an image from the free people catalog (love!), along with a darling illustration of girl in pink coat, and reminders on positive things such as farmer's market, nature break, yoga class, meditate, gratitude list, and journal. more to come before sealing.

3. tear images from fave magazines or catalogs (i use anthropologie) and place to the left of each month to note the new month's goals. tape with japanese masking tape.

4. tear card stock paper for tabs. i tend to use the front and back of anthropologie catalogs because they are a heavy paper with perfect colors and detail for my monthly tabs.

5. tape the tabs onto each month page using double stick tape. 

voila! add favorite images to the interior and exterior covers, layer with more images, quotes, and words. seal with packing tape. continue to add inspiration throughout and you'll be super excited for the year to come. you are beautiful. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I bought the personal sized planner pad... at your suggestion (for the planner pad) I am really looking forward to collaging it and prepping it! I plan on really moving my life forward in 2012 and think this will be a perfect tool to aid in that!

Amanda said...

This is such a great idea! I'm usually 100% digital, but I love the idea of collaging right into the planner pad, it would be so inspiring to use! I might convert back to paper...