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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bonjour tuesday

image of moi + louis the big-eyed pug courtesy of jes a la seesters

hello dearest readers,

as i dig out of my overstuffed in-box and mounds of paperwork thanks to the past 5 days of conferences, fairs, and midterms, i am filled with deep gratitude for all i've learned, experienced, and is to come. although i'm not fully sure what that "is" is, i'm excited! ever have that feeling that something is bubbling up inside, but you can quite put your finger on it?

carving out space to muse, write, read, and create is helpful for me to get to the root of what is perculating. there is something so juicy about marinating in the unknown, in possibility, and being open to what unfolds.

in the interim, i must share a fabulous new publication i came across on sunday called mingle. um, hello, cutest magazine ever. j'adore everything stampington puts out and was filled with inspiration thumbing through this tome of eye candy.

wishing each of you a day with a moment of perculating and marinating in something that brings you great joy. bisous. x

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Norgebarn said...

This magazine looks divine, just like some of the others :-) I'd wish we would find something like this here...

moi said...

yay seesters! LOVE the drawing of you and sir louis. jes is sooo talented, cannot wait to see more : )