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Saturday, October 01, 2011

bonjour october

image courtesy of willgame via flickr

well hello october. what an absolutely perfect fall day - crisp, cool, and tranquil. 

as i gain energy to face the outside world, i wanted to pen a few thoughts. initially i was searching flickr for the perfect fall image of foliage, but i came across this photo that really spoke to me. i felt an immediate connection. there is something about the girl in the image - she feels a bit pensive and is putting herself out there, but slowly (and in a great skirt) . . . from a comfy balcony or park setting overlooking the city.

ever feel that way? like you are slowly dipping your toe in the water to test the temperature. to make the right move in a calculated way. personally, i feel something stirring deep inside. not sure what it is exactly, but i feel it. 

today i feel stuck to my bed. literally like i'm glued in. weeks of go, go, go take their toll and i find myself in need of a moment (or few hours) to regroup with little stimulation from the outside world. ah, the therapeutic benefits of a morning in bed.

if you, too, are feeling something stirring within, join me in a mission to uncover it and take a few quiet moments for yourself in the process. there is only so much external stimulation one can take (unless, of course, you are an extrovert who thrives on this). as an introvert, i need to hole up chez moi with candles, hot baths, le pug snuggles, and my journal to truly recover. it's not a luxury, it's a necessity.

as we launch into the last quarter of 2011, let's make it a tranquil one. truly. listen to your inner voice. take a few hours off to regroup without guilt. keep moving through yoga, running, dance - whatever moves your spirit best. read all you can get your hands on. forgo mindless tv watching and facebook checking. be fully present with everyone in front of you and consciously choose who you let in. let this month and final quarter of 2011 be a representation of who you are becoming. 

bisous. x

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LR said...

after this past month of lots going on, i will definitely take some quiet time to enjoy all this season brings. enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh oui! I soooo hear you on the regroup thingy. These last few months have been sheer madness, and it is far from being over (day job, teaching yoga, transitioning from corporate world to self employed, quite the ride).

What I have learned so far: time for self care is paramount to keep going. So let's release tension where there's no need for it, soften and enjoy being tranquille, oh yes :)