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Friday, September 09, 2011

week in review

bea's new kitten rockin' tranquil space gear

week in review
4 yoga classes
1 gym jaunt
began reading start something that matters by blake mycoskie = love
teeth cleaning
signed up for intro to dance series at joy of motion
2 days of farm sanctuary's animal care conference
post on time at farm sanctuary
signed up as sponsor for end factory farming conference
2.5 hours MSW
video sequence for blog
2 days of travel to and from new york
time with le beau's family in rochester
shipped TranquiliT goodies
party prep for le beau's 40th
penned thank you notes
interviewed rockstars for creative + conscious biz e-course
new teacher check-ins
hosted manager meeting
individual manager meetings
launched new tranquil space foundation website
hired new daytime rockstar tranquility concierge
finalized tranquil space foundation fall event promos
filmed yoga sequence for tranquil space tv
podcast featuring claudine hellmuth
interviewed samantha kira harding for tranquility du jour
launched 4-week tranquility project e-course
5 hours of volunteering with n street village
finalized + sent agenda for upcoming tranquil space team retreat

weekend wishlist
host festive fete for le beau's 40th at one lounge dc
 e-course writing
pen animal care conference takeaways for pigs board conference call
interview with jeff klein on conscious business for upcoming e-course

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Denise said...

Adorable kitty! What's his/her name?