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Sunday, September 11, 2011

TDJTV: Five Favorite Poses

Bonsoir! Excited to share my favorite 5 poses for everyday tranquility:

1. Down dog
2. Standing forward fold
3. Seated forward fold
4. Baddha konasana
5. Pigeon

Indulge in a little dose of tranquility this week. You deserve it. Oh, and check out weekly snippets of tranquil living on Tranquil Space TV. Heaps of tranquility at your fingertips!  

Bisous. x

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LR said...

hello kimberly,

i have been listening to your podcasts for a long time over and over and it feels like i know you. i wish i knew you personally. i've always been so intimidated my yoga and for the first time i want to start. although i don't live in the D.C. area (my sister does and i told her to sign up for some of your workshops there), i am so excited to have this video to begin doing some poses at home. thank you.

Vintage Butterfly said...

LOVE the video of poses...I really think you should put together an at home dvd of a yoga the ones you have on cd, but so we can see you doing all the poses and see what they are supposed to look like...that would be perfect for those of us, who aren't able to get out to yoga classes! Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

kimberly wilson said...

ladies, SO glad you like these! thank you for the kind words. yes, seeing the poses definitely helps, however, it is so much about feeling it in your body. will keep the yoga poses coming. enjoy these favorite 5 and play with incorporating them into your everyday. your body (and mind) will thank you! xx